The concept for AC3 was born from a partnership many years ago; a timeless tale in a modern world. Boy meets girl. Boy has a dream. Girl says "quit dreaming, start living." Boy asks "where, when, how?" – so many questions...  With one word, girl answers: "together." 


In 2003 Studio Kicks Palo Alto was created and from this collaboration grew an amazing community, one so incredible and special – neither of them would ever realize at the time how far reaching and life changing this community would become not only for others but for themselves.  Studio Kicks became a sanctuary for so many, and although "sanctuary" evokes the feeling of calmness and serenity you would never imagine it passing by with the high energy music pumping, the slamming sound of kicks mixed with Richard Branden's strong voice pushing you to kick higher and push harder. Still, Studio Kicks was in every sense a supportive haven where families, professionals and children came to train and learn and in doing so, they not only improved their physical health but learned to manage their anxiety, connect with others, find their confidence, and always left more grounded than when they walked in. Countless kids and teens have shared how SKPA "saved them" in so many ways, within this community many "true loves" were found, and life-time friendships forged.


We always wanted to give more, share more and expand our community farther; that was always part of the dream. When girl lost boy in 2013 suddenly to pancreatic cancer, she knew creating AC3 to extend this amazing community which supported her so much during her darkest times was the next chapter. Ironically she found herself asking the same questions: "where, when, how?" but discovered life has a coy sense of humor and often a shift in perspective reveals everything.


We hope our story inspires you to celebrate your own story, and to share it with us by joining our AC3 community. In today's times, there is urgency in our outreach and actions. Together with your support, we can and we will make a difference in our community which will ripple forward through our children and through our actions with every person we meet. Leave a lasting legacy NOW.


AC3 builds on this legacy of community and champions its core values of respect and inclusiveness. We are a multicultural, multigenerational community center that is respectful and deliberate in its relationship with clients, partners, staff, volunteers, and everyone within the community we serve – and our services and programs are available and welcoming to all.